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Is online poker rigged Jul 22,  · I enjoy playing poker online but I'm about ready to give the funny thing about internet poker being rigged is the more you study and practice and really commit.

Is online poker rigged Poker is rigged, why do people still play this game for a living?

Http:// has been among the most prominent online poker brands. The company was one of the driving factors in the meteoric success of its young industry, and always offered strong security measures and customer support.

PokerStars had a strong reputation ten years ago, but that all began to change in late when the U. Please click for source act made it illegal for PokerStars to accept US players and illegal for US banks to process payments related to online poker.

The biggest online poker site in the world at the time, PartyPoker, immediately accepted and followed this new US law, and left the USA market. We feel this choice started PokerStars down a road of shadiness which leads us to our opinion today — that PokerStars is a scam. The company lost a lot of money and a significant portion of its customer base. PokerStars has been in business for over 15 years.

Although the company started as a play-money service only, the focus has been on real-money poker for more than a decade. Department of Justice in This settlement allowed PokerStars to return to is online poker rigged U. On April 15,the Department of Justice seized is online poker rigged pokerstars. On April 20, the pokerstars. Prior to the seizure, PokerStars could not legally provide is online poker rigged to U. The company is located in the Isle of Man and acquired a European Union gambling license through Malta.

The most concerning question about PokerStars is whether the service is rigged. Admittedly, there is some compelling video evidence on YouTube of sponsored PokerStars players beating the odds on multiple occasions during a number of big events. PokerStars spends a lot of money on its sponsorships, and it behooves the brand to have these professional players be successful. The nature of online play, however, is that it is more difficult is online poker rigged a pro player to be consistently successful.

Therefore, PokerStars has motivation, and the company has chosen to ignore rather than dispute the video evidence. Keep in mind that PokerStars has is online poker rigged incentive to rig poker games outside of sponsored play.

The revenues that PokerStars earns is based on the total pot no matter who wins it. In addition, VIP rewards are earned based on the amount staked not the amount won or lost. For that reason, it is very difficult to believe that PokerStars would rig games on a regular basis, and there is no concrete proof to suggest that PokerStars has done so. It is worth noting that there were at least two independent analyses of the PokerStars dealer mechanism that presented data outside the norm.

For some, this data was evidence that PokerStars was rigging standard games or at is online poker rigged that the link mechanism was not random. PokerStars did react to this story by providing these studies with more comprehensive data sets to work with. In doing so, PokerStars breached the privacy contract with its players. Although user names were stripped, hand logs are publicly available, and it is possible to associate individual players with the released data.

A much bigger concern of whether PokerStars games are rigged is whether the company is actually cheating players out of is online poker rigged. A quick search online will reveal a sharp increase in the last several years of players making complaints about having their accounts seized, bankrolls reduced when making a withdrawal, withdrawals refused, bonuses voided for no reason and so forth.

PokerStars turns a profit on every real-money player no matter how much he or she wins. Nevertheless, there is incentive to be even more profitable in a highly competitive market, and PokerStars would not be the first online gambling service to increase profits by exploiting consumers. PokerStars does not want money leaving the system, so players that earn profits and routinely withdraw cash from the site are not good for the site.

In fact, PokerStars purchased Full Tilt Poker and continues to manage and operate this brand — a brand that is synonymous with the term ponzi scheme. Full Tilt Poker had rampant cheating going — and this is a fact.

To this day, countless players and business partners are owed money from Full Tilt. PokerStars did not fully satisfy these commitments even though they now own and are responsible for the Full Tilt brand. Another point of concern for poker players considering PokerStars is that the company has never received accreditation from is online poker rigged Better Business Bureau.

This was true prior to the UIGEA, and it is true even now in the states where the brand has a legal presence. The BBB does track international companies, however, and although it has not accredited or rated PokerStars, it does have a file for the company in nearly every state.

There are a significant number of complaints on file, and we urge everyone to check with their local BBB to consider local experiences with the PokerStars brand. The most egregious act destroying any remaining goodwill PokerStars may have had came very recently. Is online poker rigged May 1,PokerStars sent an email to its online marketing partners drastically changing the terms of their agreements, causing significant damage to all of their Internet partners for their own benefit.

Marketing partners of PokerStars had an agreement — that they would here a certain percentage of the revenues that PokerStars earned off players referred by that partner.

And that is online poker rigged share plan would persist for the life of the player. On May 1,PokerStars unilaterally changed the terms to only compensate their marketing partners for only two years.

What this means is that marketing partners that have been supporting and promoting PokerStars for years and years will lose all revenues from those players. They will only get compensated for players from the past 2 years. Basically, this is web casino guide breach of contract and PokerStars is more than willing to completely screw their partners.

If PokerStars is willing to do this to their business partners, then what are they is online poker rigged to do to their If you win article source big tournament, what prevents PokerStars from changing their terms to not pay you out?!

We believe that all of these poor decisions stemmed from the fact that PokerStars decided to break US law by continuing to offer their services to Americans. PokerStars was guilty — and when online poker became legalized in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, with the potential of California coming next, some laws had a bad actor clause — which disallowed PokerStars from entering the market since they were illegally operating in the US previously.

Associating with the owners — the Scheinbergs — prevented PokerStars from entering US markets, which eventually led to the sale of PokerStars to Amaya. And this new change of ownership has led to the issues we see today. Amaya does not care about the players or the business partners of PokerStars. Amaya added a 2. Amaya increased the rake at PokerStars in late ! Sorry, but we have to call it. PokerStars is a scam. Create your own review.

You post specific hands, and I have more bad beats a day than all hands written here combined, it makes no sense to post individual hands. Bad players make it out on turn on river and I never do. You is online poker rigged avoid it if you deposit in native currency first and then through the menu convert to USD.

If you directly deposit into USD, 2. I think the game is rigged for bad players, to increase the volume of is online poker rigged same money going is online poker rigged rake. I have played thousands and thousands of online, and real poker hands. It seems Pokerstars goes this way to scam: I run a video production company and wrote to Pokerstars asking them to an interview to answer the questions of whether or not it was rigged etc.

I know the email got delivered, but I never received a response. Yes, their deal may be certified, but they never state how many people - most notably the Russians - have cracked that deal and can "see" the cards. I play poker - For more than fifteen years. How the hell does THAT happen? When the pros start saying it stinks, you have to take notice. How does that happen? Someone else noted here, that you have AA Yet, Pokerstars continually says their software is validated for a "fair deal".

Yet, if you raise this with PS, they just say over and over how certificated they are. I entered and won my first live tourney. I am NOT a poor player, by any means. Because, so far, the overwhelming evidence detailing rigged plays has been ignored totally by them.

I tried pokerstars some years ago made some statistical game slot free play and concluded that the site was rigged. A particular player that I wrote about in my small report suddenly made his statistics unavailable at Sharkscope when I wrote about him.

He a real psychic. Nearly always winning when he was the dog. I thought I should try it again just for fun. It was is online poker rigged fun. How they help the small stack fish. How the miracle card turn up every fugging time for the bad player. How the preflop allins always ends in a hit and mostly in straights and full houses. You wait and wait and move in call with AK when someone moves in with jack 7 and the board is jack jack xx 7.

Another tournament ak vs j7. Then he only hits two pair on the flop. Move is online poker rigged with 10 3 against aa and hit straight. I want to talk with a person that this shit is random. WE can sit and play together and discuss. Does it really exist anyone on this is online poker rigged that thinks this garbage is random?

I have is online poker rigged statistics full time for nearly one year in the university and passed my click at this page so I know this site is bull.

Is online poker rigged

Poker is a game of skill, with a small dollop of luck tossed in. Because of this or perhaps in spite of it there are many online poker players who have is online poker rigged a number of conspiracy theories about the game.

There are a variety of poker conspiracy theories that should simply be ignored. This conspiracy theory presumes that a player who cashes out some of his money from an online poker site will experience a horrible losing streak when he returns to play.

What would be the motive for such a policy? Go here it may be possible to see the twisted logic in this sort of reasoning, the simple fact is that the online poker cash-out curse is not real.

Typically, a player will cash out after experiencing a is online poker rigged winning streak. Although this is actually a rather common occurrence due to the luck component of the game, it has led several naive poker players to cry conspiracy theory. This is because a is online poker rigged poker player who lasts is online poker rigged will is online poker rigged more of his money to the rake instead of to another player. The conspiracy theory postulates that bad poker players have their playing sessions extended by the online card click intentionally, at the cost of bad beats for stronger players.

The reality of the situation, of course, is that bad beats occur naturally. When the overall quality of the game is very loose, with players playing far more hands than they should, there are bound to is online poker rigged situations where a bad player sees lucky cards and beats a better player. Bad beats even occur deep in the main event of the World Series of Poker. In addition, online poker is played at a much faster pace than live poker.

This is another theory that is based on the online card room trying to make more money from the rake. The theory states that the online poker site intentionally deals flops is online poker rigged help multiple hands in order to build up the pots, and therefore increase the rake that the card room receives.

This conspiracy theory is also explained by the loose nature of online poker, particularly at the lower limits. With so many players seeing the flop, there are bound to be instances where the flop helps multiple poker hands. Comparing live poker to online poker, pots will often be larger and more players will be eager to pursue weaker hands. The random number generator RNG is the backbone of any online poker room. The purpose of a random number generator is to ensure that there are no biases and that cards are distributed in an unpredictable fashion.

An unpredictable external stimulus is required for a pseudo-random shuffle. Online poker sites have various ways of creating a pseudo-random number generator PRNGwhich rely on real world physical processes that are unpredictable. In many respects the online poker rooms go beyond what is actually necessary to create an unpredictable and random shuffle to provide a fair and unbiased playing environment. Using such methods also ensures a potential hacker cannot break or crack the random number generator.

Many of the conspiracy theories suggest that online poker rooms somehow fix their random number generators to produce certain results. The fact is that any attempt to create some kind of set of rules or decision engine into a random system would immediately invalidate the randomness — and a dysfunctional random number generator would be extremely easy to spot. Is online poker rigged, online poker is not rigged. Instead of learning more about the game of poker and trying to improve their poker skills, they casino deposit bonus that system is working against them.

More info must be logged in to post a comment. Article Is online poker rigged Articles Internet Poker. By Tim Ryerson September is online poker rigged, Action Flops This is another theory that is based on the online card room trying to make more is online poker rigged from the rake.

Combined mouse movements from players connected to the online poker room. So, is Online Poker Rigged? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Online Poker is NOT Rigged.

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