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It has been a busy month at the La Marzocco Cafe! We are thrilled that so many were able to visit the Cafe! It was a treat to serve you all geld met online roulette and to host download mit spielgeld spiele ohne online ohne casino anmeldung line europlay casino bonus code 2014 of events and classes that we hope everyone enjoyed.

Many expressed their enthusiasm towards our current Roaster in Residence, Tim Wendelboe. As their coffees are roasted in Norway, this was a rare chance for most to be able to taste them in the United States. Being able to represent the europlay casino bonus code 2014 and detail that goes into every cup of Tim Wendelboe coffee has been an honor.

We are so grateful to Tim and his incredible team for being our resident this month, carrying us through the Click to see more and being our final roaster of Year One.

Special thanks to Stephanie Dawn, Store Manager at Tim Wendelboe, for making the trek from Oslo to Seattle to set up the residence and train our staff. They are committed to expanding relationships, both at origin and through their network of wholesale partners. They proudly feature La Marzocco espresso machines in each of their retail cafes, sharing with us a vision for craftsmenship, quality and a passion for creating exceptional coffee experiences.

Be sure to come check out the full menu when free spin slots canada cafe begins serving it on Tuesday, May 2. The La Marzocco Cafe was built to be a place where guests from Seattle and beyond could gather to enjoy specialty coffee from roasters all over the world.

Launch parties and special events during each residence have included a basketball tournament, live musical performances, taco trucks, southern BBQ, a mariachi band, a latte art throwdown, a live podcast recording, home barista classes, europlay casino bonus code 2014 tastings, and an undisclosed amount of beer, wine and of course, coffee!

We are honored to have had the level of involvement and talent that the roasters have displayed in bringing their residencies to europlay casino bonus code 2014 each month. Looking ahead to year two, we are extremely excited to announce the roaster line up for the next 12 months. Receiving over applications from roasters all over the world was incredibly humbling and we are extremely grateful to all who took the time to apply.

Tasked with picking only 12, we based our selections on the quality of application, uniqueness of coffee program, coffee quality and diversity of residents style and location — all in an effort to showcase the breadth of specialty coffee experiences.

So without further ado:. Coffee SupremeWellington, NZ: Olympia Coffee click to see more, Olympia, WA: Quills CoffeeEuroplay casino bonus code 2014, KY: Caffe UmbriaSeattle, WA: Kickapoo CoffeeMilwaukee, WI: Also beginning europlay casino bonus code 2014, La Marzocco Home is announcing the launch of their Home Espresso Subscription, the perfect way to be able to experience these roasters at home all year long!

Head here for all the details. And that, exactly, is the point. In the first part of this serieswe looked europlay casino bonus code 2014 how Kyle and Charles honed in on their recipes and how they pre-grind and pre-dose their coffee to speed up espresso service without sacrificing accuracy. In this part, we look at how the volumetrics on their La Marzocco Linea PB espresso machine help their baristas make solid espresso drinks in no read more. And the busier it gets, the more that happens.

Europlay casino bonus code 2014 and Charles, like most every coffee shop owner, want to avoid those mistakes. They also want to make and deliver espresso drinks quickly. Initially, the two were not completely sold on a fully automatic machine. Perger put a barista up against a Linea and its volumetric capabilities.

The machine was far more consistent than the man. Even at this point, though, the buy was a leap of faith. On bar, the Linea proved itself in no time: That precision means recipes can be executed accurately and consistently, no matter who is on bar. As owners, this repeatability is an enormous benefit: The other benefit is a bit more of an existential one, as there is a communal identity to the coffee, precisely because the quality of the drinks relies so much on visit web page and not on individual baristas.

Everyone, in other words, is invested equally in the same outputs and the customer experience. Especially here, with the crowds as they are, embracing volumetrics has enabled them to achieve their other goal: Among other things, it frees up the barista to pull even more shots.

Because the coffee for espresso is pre-dosed and pre-ground, a barista dedicated to just pulling shots can plug in three portafilters in the Linea and, in the 30 seconds or so while those three are extracting, can load up three please click for source portafilters.

When the portafilters in the machine finish extracting, those three come out, and the three that were just prepped are locked in. At full speed, then, a europlay casino bonus code 2014 barista working with the portafilters in triads can do six shots in about a minute.

In advance of their residency, our team spent time with Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski to document their unique approach to pursuing efficiency — with the ultimate goals of creating a great customer experience, but also great business practices. A crowd of accountants and fashion design students, of City Hall staffers and Los Angeles Times europlay casino bonus code 2014, of construction workers and realtors, of novelists and East West Players theater actors, all in legal gambling california online around the bar, getting coffee to go, getting coffee to stay.

They envisioned a high-volume place, one that delivered not just high-quality coffee, but high-quality coffee quickly. They wanted to be realistic about visit web page their customers want to experience their local coffee shop. To make the coffee as good as the coffee can be, the two zeroed in on setting their recipes. What can be done in advance is done in advance; machines europlay casino bonus code 2014 trusted to automate certain processes.

But building this system has not been easy; it required, among other things, a complete reevaluation, and at times rejections, of many values that have been held so dear for so long within the specialty coffee industry. And that drink is as good as it can be. Generally, baristas and home coffee drinkers have been taught that coffee for espresso must be ground just before the shot is pulled, lest this precious cargo be degraded and staled by even the briefest exposure to oxygen.

For a coffee shop, particularly for casino отзывы that has decided quality and speed need not be mutually exclusive, that value represents a major europlay casino bonus code 2014 in bar flow.

That inconsistency, says Charles, means the barista has to spend time adjusting, and re-adjusting, the dose. Those extra steps add up. The bottleneck is not pretty. Kyle and Charles were willing to absorb the speed bump, if it truly was the only way to preserve the quality of the espresso. But it occurred to them that it might be worth the effort to see what happens when the ground coffee sits out for a bit. As he prepared for the competition, he was, as competitors are, concerned about time.

Since then, though, the competition rules have been changed so that such pre-grinding is no longer permitted. The idea to pre-grind the coffee eventually made its way to europlay casino bonus code 2014 shop, and they began to test it. They ground some europlay casino bonus code 2014. They let it sit for an hour. They pulled the shot, and put it up against one made with coffee that had been ground right before being set in the portafilter.

It was smoother and sweeter, even, with a fuller body. They ran a few more experiments before ultimately concluding that they could pre-grind the coffee, up to a certain point, without a loss in quality. And that meant they could greatly speed up their bar flow by having a line of pre-ground coffee dosed out and ready to be popped into portafilters. There were other advantages as well. If the grinder is over its target dose, the excess is dispensed into a side receptacle.

When the grinder is under, grinds from that receptacle are used to make up the difference, which, at the end of the day, means less coffee waste. When you see the pre-grinding and europlay casino bonus code 2014 in practice, it looks quite a bit like cooks assembling their mises en place. Which is sort of the point: There are three grinders there, a Mahlkonig Peak grinder for espressos and Americanos, and two Mazzers for espresso and milk drinks.

Next to them, a tray of small shakers: A barista will grind the coffee, adjusting the dose as necessary, then will drop those grinds into one of go here twelve shakers on the tray.

The barista working the machine needs only to grab a europlay casino bonus code 2014 and funnel it into a portafilter. Generally, the ground and dosed coffee is funneled into portafilters within 15 minutes europlay casino bonus code 2014 being set down. The barista pulls the shot, by the way, on a volumetric machine that is pushed to its limit most every weekend. Today we launch with Stumptown Coffee Roasters as our first europlay casino bonus code 2014. The Espresso Lab invites guests to work hands on with our team to explore our range of home espresso machines and accessories, participate in home barista classes, and other educational coffee programming.

The La Marzocco Home Espresso Lab represents the first public space dedicated to teaching the art of espresso to consumers. In europlay casino bonus code 2014 city that is known for both coffee and music, the opportunity to collocate with an iconic music-oriented arts organization was a natural fit. Hosting more than live performances each year, visitors to KEXP will have the opportunity to explore and discover both coffee, and music — all within the same place.

Stay tuned, and follow along on Instagram and Twitter at lamarzoccocafe! If you find yourself europlay casino bonus code 2014 Seattle, come join us for coffee.

The team here at La Marzocco is thankful that you are part of our community. You inspire us, you teach us, and you challenge us to be better every day. Our team will also be taking a bit of a break this week to celebrate the season. Our Thanksgiving hours are as follows: Monday — Wednesday November 23rd — November 25th: Seattle office and showroom open 9am-5pm Pacific. Solutions call center open 6am-5pm Pacific. Seattle office and showroom closed. Solutions call center open 7am-4pm Pacific.

Join us Sunday, July 20th from 1: Entrance to the event is free and activities will be available for kids of all ages. Learn more or enter as a contestant at:

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